Attracting skilled employees can be challenging in a tight labour market. To grow your business, you will need to hire more people and/or improve your productivity.

Recruiting Skilled Workers

In a tight market, it can be difficult to recruit new workers. Traditional tactics of hiring away from your competitors can become self-defeating. Businesses may want to try alternative techniques to find the necessary skilled workers such as:

Temporary Foreign Workers

Given the skills shortage in workforce, the government has a program in place to facilitate the use of temporary foreign workers in the Alberta workforce. This alternative may provide you with the necessary tools to bring in new employees.
Temporary Foreign Worker Program

Productivity Improvement

One of APEX's mandates is to work with businesses to improve their productivity using advanced techniques including lean manufacturing and process automation. APEX regularly coordinates productivity assessments and these are often followed with more in-depth lean training. To discuss opportunities for you to improve the productivity of your business, contact us.

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