Call us first – Our contacts will be your contacts.

We offer a suite of services and support to innovative businesses and entrepreneurs. Many services are offered locally through our local service provider partners. If we cannot offer the needed services locally, we will work with our Alberta partners to refer you to the correct source.

Here are a sample of the services offered to innovative businesses and entrepreneurs:

APEX and our core partners are operating on a not-for-profit basis, so most of our basic services and assessments are offered complimentary to innovative businesses and entrepreneurs. All we ask is that you keep us apprised of your future successes. We can help promote those successes providing valuable marketing exposure to your business. The good news from your success will also help to help promote the region as a thriving hub of business innovation.

(Note: In some cases, where we need to refer you to a 3rd party service provider, they may charge for their services. Those arrangements and negotiations with for-profit vendors will be your responsibility.)

To learn more about how you can access APEX services, please contact us.

PHONE: 403 528 2824